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How To Cook Cabbage In Crock Pot

how to cook cabbage in crock pot

    cook cabbage
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cabbage with south indian spices

cabbage with south indian spices

I'm not a huge fan of cabbage, but in the spirit of eating more veggies, I thought I'd try a recipe that promised to liven up the old cruciferous noggin. Red and green cabbages added to a mix of cumin, black mustard seeds, unsweetened coconut, dried red and fresh green chiles and yellow split peas. And a little asafetida. And sauted lightly, salted, and sprinkled with lime juice. I think that's all. I would have liked it a little spicier and I don't think think the split peas fried long enough, since for the most part it was like biting into dried split peas. The mix did get spicier as it sat, though.

Cooked Cabbage

Cooked Cabbage

Growing up, cabbage was a common food at the supper table. My mother used to make a wonderful fresh cooked cabbage with hot dog weiners which was really yummy. Today, I very often buy a head of cabbage and whip up my own version of fresh cooked cabbage. While it doesn't taste exactly the same (no bacon fat or ham added) - I quite enjoy knowing that I am eating a very healthy meal.

how to cook cabbage in crock pot

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